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Danesholme Junior Academy


"The curriculum is well planned. Lessons are frequently combined with activities and visits which provides pupils with good opportunities to explore and learn about their world, and develop their understanding of what others believe and why. The school’s multi-cultural week has produced a range of really exciting art work and displays reflecting countries such as India, China, Australia and Africa. Pupils’ art work is full of vibrant colour and reflects the high quality of their work as well as their imagination and creativity."

Ofsted 2014

In order to ensure children achieve their full potential, we are committed to provide the following:

  • A welcoming, stimulating and safe learning environment
  • High expectations of our children and ourselves
  • A broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • High quality teaching using a variety of teaching strategies
  • A range of resources that are effectively used to support learning

At Danesholme we believe that the experiences children have at the very start of their school life are important in ensuring that they grow up as independent and self motivated learners for life.

Please click on the links to individual Year groups to see what your child will be learning throughout their time at school.

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6