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Danesholme Junior Academy

Year 6

The Year 6 Staff Team

Embla Class: Mrs McKim

Jotnar Class: Mr Pettit 

Asgard Class: Mr Austin

Teaching Assistants: Miss Glennon and Mrs Mair



Blood Heart | Cornerstones Education

Spring Term Project - Blood Heart

Crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cherry. Blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. Let’s explore our circulation system. Now, surgeons, don’t be squeamish as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close. They all work hard to move blood around our bodies. William Harvey was fascinated with anatomy, and made groundbreaking discoveries about valves. I wonder what we might uncover? Why do people give blood? Find out how to keep your heart happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food. Kickstart a campaign to spread the word about the damage caused to the lungs and heart by smoking. Hearts pound, flutter and maybe skip a beat. What makes your heart race? Is it a secret? Cross my heart, I won’t tell.





We have some pupils who are self-isolating at the moment, so we will provide resources here every week that link to the curriculum we are following in school. 


                    Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize have some interactive home learning resources.


The Oak National Academy is an online classroom set up by teachers when lockdown started in March 2020. They have a huge range of high-quality video lessons and resources which are still available.